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750,000 English words. Just 14 strategies.

Start Strategizing

Good spellers and readers are strategic. They know that 14 strategies are all anyone needs to correctly spell and read English words.

  Just 14 Strategies!
1. Sound it Out!
2. Check the Order!
3. Catch the Beat!
4. Listen Up!
5. A Little Stress Will Help This Mess!
6. No Fouls!
7. Play by the Rules!
8. Use Rhyme This Time!
9. Spell What You Mean & Mean What You Spell!
10. Be Smart About Word Parts!
11. Build on the Base!
12. Invite the Relatives!
13. Fix the Funny Stuff!
14. Look It Up!
E-Stickers Progress Monitoring Service – See a Difference!
Unlike spelling inventories and other traditional measures of number of words or patterns correct and incorrect, SPELL-Links E-Stickers analyzes and scores each segment in the word. The SPELL-Links E-Stickers unique scoring method is proven to be a sensitive and valid measure of a student's progress in word study knowledge and skill. Using this highly sensitive measure of word study knowledge, you'll be able to document every step of progress along a student's way to mastery of spelling and word study skills.
E-Stickers ...
Green Blot Uniquely analyzes misspelled word segments.
correct spelling:
Blot 1
Blot 3
Blot 10
student's spelling:
Green Blot

Scores misspellings and documents student progress over time.

Green Blot

Generates individualized word study plans, providing smart sensible strategies that are easy to apply in spelling and writing activities.

Green Blot Transforms misspellings into teachable moments, engages students, and makes word study effective and FUN!
Using the E-Stickers Progress Monitoring Service
  • Select and subscribe to one of our E-Stickers service plans.
  • Log-in to your paid E-Stickers member account.
  • Select a word list. Select from one of our popular pre-loaded word lists or create and save your own word lists.
  • Dictate the words and allow students to enter their responses in real time directly on the E-Stickers website - OR - administer a dictated pre-test via paper & pencil and later enter student spellings on the E-Stickers website.
  • Use the SPELL-Links E-Stickers Report to provide the student with meaningful feedback and focused instruction and to measure progress over time.
Coming Soon E-Stickers Instructional Planning Service – Make a Difference!
No more memorizing word lists! Instead, students learn about the sound, letter, and meaning properties of the assigned words and practice meta-linguistic strategies that will guide their correct spelling, reading, and vocabulary knowledge of countless words. Use the SPELL-Links E-Stickers Report to motivate your student – because he can see that mastery of the word list is well within his reach – and to provide meaningful and focused instruction that gets students thinking about and talking about the language properties of words. This feature is not yet available. Check back soon.



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